generate CSV file in SFDC Apex

12 Jun

To generate CSV file through Apex is fairly simple. Following steps will help you to understand it.

  •  Create a Controller and write a method which returns List of items.
public class generateCSVController{
   public List LeadList{get;set;}
    public generateCSVController(){
             //Populate List here.
              LeadList = [select id,name,email from lead limit 10];
  • Create a page and associate it with the controller we created in first step.  Set the content type of the page to “text/csv”.
< apex:page controller="generateCSVController" cache="true"  contentType="text/csv#Leads.csv" language="en-US" >"Id","Names","Email"
< apex:repeat value="{!LeadList}" var="L" >
< /apex:repeat >
< /apex:page >
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