Getting fed up by politicians

15 Sep

What is going on in India is not good. Not good for the people and for their descendants. If these scams and corruptions are not being curbed then country will be out of resources soon.

Today we are growing economy and we are showing resistence to the other recessions,  because our engineers, scientists, doctors, business men are working harder and harder to bring the money to India, We are paying proper tax so that India can grow and shine. Not just on paper but it must shine really.

But WTF these politicians are doing. They are not utilizing the money. They just are putting all the money in their pocket and it all goes to swiss bank and all. The money will never be come back. Why don’t they understand the simple thing.

They are getting whatever they want, They are VIP, they get security and all but still they are not working…

Shri Anna hazare  has done a great job by unifying the Indians recently and tried to pull up the lokpal bill. Definitely its not the one step process to remove the corruption but still it can be start of it. Anna says it right, These are not the people came from other country, they are our own people, They just has forgot the right path.

So its basically is the fight to wake up politicians for the right cause. Our politicians are not dumb they have potentials to change, they can be a big change for the country. We just need to wake them up. This Lokpal will be a wakeup alarm for them.


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Posted by on September 15, 2011 in Thoughts


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